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FA506 Ring Spinning Frame


Spindle Gauge: 70mm
Lift: 180, 205mm
Ring Dia.: φ38, φ40, φ42, φ45
Yarn Count: 4.9 – 97.2tex(6-120Ne)
Twist: 230-1740 T/M
Spindle speed: 12000 – 20000 rpm
Draft Ratio: Total draft: 10-50
Rear Zone draft: 1.06-1.53
Twist Direction: Z twist(Single tension pulley)
Z or S twist (double tension pulley)
Draft System: 3 line roller, double aprons(long and short), pendulum arm weighting
Roving Creel: φ152x406mm bobbin hanger of six rows in single tier
φ132x302mm bobbin hanger or four rows in single tier

High-speed timing belts greatly reduce the noise.
Gears in headstock are of the same modules hole diameter and width all the gears for
total drafting twisting and winding are interchangeable.
The bowl position of the lifting cam can be adjusted to adapt for the change of ring rails
short lifting stroke.
The differential motion enables the lappet to lift with a changing stroke.
The lifting is balanced by tandem torque rods with simple and reliable structure.
Direct-reverse cam ensures no slough-offs even in high speed winder.
Frame is of rigidity so that vibration is minimized even at high speed.
Main driving adopts double-speed motor which starts at low speed then switches to high
speed automatically after set time or motor speed is adjusted by inverter optional.
Main drive motor is positioned in the flow of the exhaust air the heat from the motor is extracted
simultaneously and the climate condition in the mill is nearly not effected.
User has the option of timing belts strengthened flat type belts or V-belts for the main driving.
Carefully designed suction box facilitates the mounting and dismounting of the suction motor and filter gauze.
Tight sealing and locking elements guarantee the whole machines sealing function.
Spinning process is controlled by PLC. User can also choose the inverter to set the change
curve according to spinning requirements.
The range of spindle number is from 384 to 516 and with increment of 12 spindles for users'
option. All kinds of drafting system can be adopted and the quality of yarn comes up to advanced world standards.
Aluminum alloy suction flute can prevent from hooking fly to improve the yarn quality.
Flexible and reliable step lift pawl device no need to change the ratchet wheel ensures
the formation of cops and adapts to under winding of high speed winder.
The overhead cleaner and the device for producing spandex core spun yarn are at users' option.
The drafting driving system is fitted with auto-dripping lu-brication system made by Sino-Japan joint venture and the quantum of the oil can be adjusted according to the requirements.
Optimum design for headstock gear driving system.