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GA014PD Hank Winder

This machine is specially designed for winding hanks into cone packages for warping, doubling or knitting processes.


Main technical parameters:

1. Type: grooved drum type

2. Spindle number: 40,60,80,100(standard) or 120

3. Spindle gauge: 254mm

4. Yarn transverse distance: 152mm

5. Winding speed: 130-180m/min

6. Cone size: (1) Wooden bobbin( To buyer's request): 3°30';5°57';9°15'

7. Size of package: base 200mm; length 152mm

8. Drum: (1) Bakelite dia 82mm, 2.5 turns

              (2) Steel plate drum( On buyer's request)

9. End-breakage auto stop motion: individual spindle control

10. Tension device: disc type

11. Cleaning device: cleaning bladeor QS-3 electronic slubcatcher(to user's option)

12. Ribbon breaking device: nonconductor intermittent switch

13. Device on-off motor speed varies at 32 times per min

14. Form of creel: one-arm holding type

15. Motor: main motor: 2 pcs of 1.1kw,960rmp;pilot motor: 0.18kw,960rpm,1 pc